At Green Grounds, we know that you and your family care about the appearance of your lawn. But did you know that lawn safety is also an important consideration? We offer reliable McKinney lawn pest control with a proven track record. That’s right! You can have fewer disease-carrying pests surrounding your lawn with quality lawn treatments from Green Grounds. Your kids will love this change as they play on the lawn in a more carefree manner.

Dependable Lawn Pest Control in McKinney TX

Some of our customers may not know that we offer effective IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Some of them use us, primarily to keep their lawns looking beautiful and free of debris. Others use us for tree and shrub management and shaping. However, our proprietary McKinney lawn pest control can make your summers much more relaxing with fewer harmful insects.

We’re well regarded for our quality lawn services in the great state of Texas. We’re proud of our prestigious clients:

  • N20 city governments
  • NMany schools
  • NUniversities
  • NHospitals
  • NChurches

However, we left the bulk of our customers off this list! You. We serve many proud homeowners in Texas with our McKinney lawn pest control. We’re just as happy to serve them with outstanding lawn care, as we are those bigger entities listed above!

How Can Our McKinney Lawn Pest Control Help You?

You want fewer disease-carrying insects on your lawn? Of course, the answer is a resounding “yes” with our proven lawn pest control in McKinney TX. Here are some of the critters we repel on a regular basis as we make your lawn more attractive with each visit:

  • NChiggers
  • NFire ants
  • NMosquitoes
  • NCertain species of harmful flies

Your lawn(s) will be more enjoyable than ever with our lawn pest control in McKinney TX. And don’t forget about our fantastic customer service! You can expect friendly, knowledgeable customer service at every turn. We also keep track of your regular maintenance dates so you don’t have to be concerned about that.

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Our competent, friendly team is always respectful of your property as they work to increase its value with excellent lawn care and superior McKinney lawn pest control.


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