Green-Grounds Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mow lawns?

No, lawn mowing doesn’t form part of our services. We provide lawn care solutions, including fertilizer applications, weed control, fungal treatments, and pest control. Our team also provides aeration services to ensure optimal moisture, nutrient, and oxygen absorption by your soil.

How often do you treat the lawn?

Depending on your lawn’s condition, we may recommend up to eight lawn care treatments per year. These treatments include pre-emergent broadleaf and grassy weed killer applications, balanced fertilizer applications, nitrogen fertilizer applications, and spot treatments for weed growth. Contact us to schedule a lawn assessment and find out how often it needs treatment.

What services do you offer?

At Green-Grounds, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help maintain the health of your lawn and other foliage. These services include lawn care solutions, such as weed control, fertilization, and disease treatments. We also offer aeration, pest control, and flower bed management services.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which areas are your services available?

Our tree, shrub, and lawn care services are available throughout Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and the surrounding cities to the north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas.

My lawn doesn’t look healthy, but I don’t know why. Can you help me?

Property owners often notice something wrong with their lawns, but they don’t have the knowledge to diagnose the issue. In this case, feel free to contact us. Our team will be able to determine the root cause of the problem and provide a proven solution.

What do your tree and shrub care services include?

Our tree and shrub care services include foliage treatments that offer protection against disease and pests. We also offer quality and deep-root feedings to promote healthy growth. Our dormant oil sprays protect trees and shrubs against scale, spider mites, and aphids.

Is a once-off lawn care service by your team sufficient to restore my lawn’s health?

Your lawn requires ongoing care to ensure healthy growth and protection against insects and disease. While a single lawn treatment by our team will improve its health, you may need to schedule multiple lawn care services.

Are your fertilizers and other applications safe for children and pets?

We apply all products in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Under these regulations, the diluted solutions of these products are generally non-toxic. We recommend that property owners water their lawns after application, which minimizes exposure to these products.

How long does your weed control service take to show results?

How long weeds take to die after one of our treatments depends on the type of weed control, the weather conditions, and the weeds’ growth cycle. Generally, you can expect results within 21 days in the winter. During summer, weeds can take around ten days to die and disappear from your lawn.

Do I need to be home during your fertilization or weed control service?

If our team has access to your lawn, you don’t need to be home for our fertilization or weed control service. However, we will schedule a meeting at your home if you require a consultation service.

How can I find out which pest is damaging my lawn?

Pests, such as grubworms, often live inside the soil where you can’t see them. However, the damage these pests cause is usually visible. We can determine the type of pest by looking at the extent and type of lawn damage.

What does your aeration service entail?

Frequent aeration is integral to property lawn care. During an aeration service, we use a core aerator to make small, evenly-spaced holes in your lawn. This process promotes the absorption of nutrients, water, and oxygen to the grassroots.