We offer high-end McKinney lawn care services, including fertilization, weed control, and aeration.

Our additional services include bed management, insect control, and disease control.

McKinney, TX, the county seat of Collin County, forms part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and is approximately 32 miles north of Dallas. Around 68,500 households call McKinney home, and most adult residents are property owners. The highly rated schools, public parks, and vibrant dining scene contribute to McKinney’s popularity and fast growth rate.

At Green-Grounds, we are a team of environmental stewards proud to contribute to McKinney’s visual appeal. We offer a comprehensive selection of lawn care services in the area, including integrated pest management and weed control.

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Our McKinney Lawn Service

Do you struggle to maintain a green and healthy lawn? Property owners often find that their lawn goes brown or dies, despite putting in hours of care.

Various factors can contribute to lawn problems, including weed growth, plant diseases, and improper watering practices. However, with proper lawn care, you can enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn in McKinney, TX, that requires minimal maintenance.

Our team at Green-Grounds offers a comprehensive lawn care service comprising up to eight treatments during the year. We understand that timing is everything when it comes to lawn care, and we take the proper steps at the correct times. Our team also considers the water restrictions in Texas during the consulting phase, so you don’t need to watch your beautiful lawn go brown during a dry season.

Premier McKinney Lawn Care Services

We offer a basic lawn package for lawns of 5,000 square feet or less. Alternatively, you can consider our comprehensive residential or commercial treatments if you have a more extensive exterior that requires professional care.

Weed control is integral to our McKinney lawn care services and can include several pesticide applications throughout the year. We usually recommend a pre-emergent application while lawns are dormant during fall, winter, and early spring.

A pre-emergent weed control application prevents weeds from maturing and typically targets grassy and broadleaf weeds, including poa annua, crabgrass, and spurge.

However, this pre-emergent application doesn’t protect your lawn against all weeds, and ongoing applications are often necessary. Our team also provides post-emergent applications as spot treatments to control visible weeds.

Our services include nutrient applications throughout the year to ensure that your lawn is green and healthy. These applications include a high-quality, balanced fertilizer to support your lawn as it comes out of dormancy and in summer to protect the grass against increasing temperatures.

After an initial assessment, we will provide you with a fertilization schedule to ensure consistent and optimal turf nutrition. We offer a comprehensive range of fertilization options depending on your lawn type, management requirements, and the time of year. Our slow-release fertilizer options provide your lawn with long-lasting nutrition and all the essential nutrients it needs to flourish.

Fertilizer applications go hand-in-hand with other lawn treatments. For example, you must water a fertilizer application into your lawn. Where possible, we time applications to coincide with rainfall. However, when rain is not in the forecast, you will need to run your irrigation system for a specific time to ensure optimal absorption.

Additionally, you shouldn’t mow your lawn for at least 24 hours after a fertilizer application. Our team will consult with you and provide lawn care instructions to ensure that your lawn derives optimal value from our fertilization service.

Lawn Aeration Services in McKinney, TX

Most properties in McKinney, TX, have sandy loam soil, which is susceptible to compaction over time. The result is insufficient absorption of nutrients, water, and oxygen by the grassroots, which affects lawn health.

Lawns are also vulnerable to thatch build-up, the accumulation of dead organic material on the top soil layer. Like soil compaction, this thatch build-up isolates the root zone, causing absorption issues. A lawn with excessive thatch build-up is also vulnerable to disease, as the dead organic material provides a growth medium for fungi, insects, and other pests.

At Green-Grounds, we offer an aeration service that involves making small holes in your lawn with a core aerator device. These holes allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil, promoting grassroots health and a greener, more resilient lawn.

We recommend lawn aeration twice yearly – once during spring and once during fall. If you only want to aerate your lawn once per year, do so during spring before a fertilization application. The air pockets we create in the lawn during an aeration service allow optimal absorption of the nutrients in the fertilizer.

We don’t recommend an aeration service during summer as the heat may dry the grassroots, causing them to die.

To find out if your lawn needs aeration, contact us and request a lawn assessment and estimate. Your lawn may also need treatment for pests or diseases.

Lawn Care McKinney, TX – Eliminate Pests and Lawn Disease

Optimal lawn maintenance, which includes year-round weed control and fertilization, is your first line of defense against lawn disease. A healthy turf generally has a lower susceptibility to pests and disease. That said, the early identification and treatment of lawn disease are crucial to ensure that lawn critters and other pests don’t infest your lawn.

At Green-Grounds, our knowledgeable team can identify any lawn disease, usually with a surface inspection. When detecting a disease or pest infestation, we’ll take immediate steps to resolve the problem and restore your lawn’s health.

In addition to damaging your turf, lawn pests can reduce the value you get from your lawn. For example, chiggers and ticks can bite people, causing itchiness and skin irritations.

Our lawn treatments also control other pests, including armyworms, grubworms, fire ants, grasshoppers, and bagworms. Grubworms are beetle larvae that feed on grassroots and organic matter, causing extensive lawn damage. At Green-Grounds, our team understands these pests’ lifecycles and knows when and how to apply pesticides, effectively preventing infestations or turf damage.

Poor lawn health is not always due to insects. In some cases, lawn disease results from fungal growth and requires professional treatments. These diseases include:

  • Dollar spot
  • Black spot
  • Lawn rust
  • Brown patch
  • Anthracnose
  • Fusarium patch
  • Red thread
  • Powdery mildew

Our team can detect and treat any of these diseases, restoring your lawn to total health. If you detect mold growth, orange spore coatings, straw-colored lesions, or growth issues on your lawn, contact us to schedule a McKinney lawn care service.

Tree & Shrub Care

In addition to McKinney lawn care, we provide reliable tree and shrub care solutions. Trees and shrubs contribute to your property’s curb appeal, protect against direct sunlight, and provide a habitat for bird life. Our tree and shrub care services deliver optimal protection against pests and diseases throughout the year.

This service focuses on foliage protection against:

  • Early-season damage by aphids, cankerworms, whiteflies, and powdery mildew
  • Late-spring damage of maturing leaves by elm leaf beetles, spider mites, and tent caterpillars
  • Disease and insect damage during the warm summer months

Our tree and shrub care services also include a dormant oil spray. This foliar application protects plants against spring infestations during the winter months. We also provide quality and deep-root feedings, which include spring fertilization to promote:

  • A rich, green plant color
  • Healthy tree and shrub growth
  • Optimal recovery from winter dormancy
  • A healthy-looking landscape

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Routine and DIY lawn care can go a long way toward ensuring green and healthy turf. However, the local climate, soil conditions, pests, and lawn care mistakes can cause extensive lawn damage, affecting your entire property’s curb appeal.

By partnering with our team at Green-Grounds, you ensure that your lawn receives sufficient aeration, weed control, and fertilization throughout the year.

Our professional McKinney lawn care solutions result from extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of grass growth stages, soil conditions, and other factors. We also use the industry’s best equipment and pesticides, delivering top-tier defense and protection for your lawn and shrubbery.

We will provide you with a custom lawn, tree, or shrub care solution, ensuring that your landscape is a healthy, tranquil environment that may even increase your property’s resale price.

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