The right fertilizer, properly used, can make all the difference to the health and beauty of any lawn. That’s why when homeowners and other property owners and managers are looking at McKinney lawn fertilizing companies, they choose Green Grounds.

We’re one of the most established lawn fertilizing companies in McKinney TX. We’ve been serving the area since 1989. We know that keeping lawns healthy throughout our extreme temperature swings, changes in rainfall and weather events like storms is a challenge – and we’re up for it.

A Fertilizer Plan Designed Specifically for Your Lawn

As one of the leading lawn fertilizing companies in McKinney TX, we know that the best fertilizer for any lawn is based on the type of soil and grass, the plants and trees that are growing and other factors. After we determine what kind of fertilizer you need for the various parts of your lawn, our McKinney lawn fertilizing company can design a plan to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year.

How Many McKinney Lawn Fertilizing Companies Can Handle All Your Lawn Care Needs?

Green Grounds is recognized among all the lawn fertilizing companies in McKinney TX as one of the best. In addition to serving homeowners throughout the area, we serve multiple city governments as well as schools, universities, hospitals and places of worship.

We provide a range of other services in addition to fertilization that are crucial to a healthy lawn. These include:

  • NFull pest control for fire ants, chiggers, mosquitos, termites and other insects
  • NWeed control
  • NPrevention and treatment of diseases that plague North Texas lawns like dollar spot, brown patch, fairy ring and more
  • NBed maintenance to help flowers and shrubs flourish
  • NLawn aeration to help grass and soil absorb water, oxygen and nutrients
We offer year-round lawn care packages that will give your lawn just the right treatment when it’s needed and as the seasons, temperatures and weather change.

All of our prices are competitive with other McKinney lawn fertilizing companies – if not lower. We also offer a 10% discount if you sign up for our annual payment plan.

Call for a Free Estimate From Our Lawn Fertilizing Company in McKinney TX

Call Green Grounds at 972-809-3186 or you can use the contact form on our website 24/7 to arrange for a free estimate. We know you have a choice of McKinney lawn fertilizing companies, and we hope you’ll choose us.