At Green Grounds, we welcome you to the highest quality McKinney lawn fertilizer and weed control in the state. Many of our Texas customers enjoy a more vibrant lawn and greener grass due to our extensive expertise in lawn care. Perhaps they read one of our numerous, glowing reviews online!

We are unsurpassed in the value we provide for your lawn fertilizer and weed control in McKinney TX. That’s why 20 different city governments use our lawn services each and every year.

Safety and the Best Lawn Care

There’s more to a healthy lawn than just appearances. Did you know that a well-maintained yard is safer for your children? Each year, many children become ill due to mosquito-borne viruses and other insect bites. When you receive dependable and timely McKinney lawn fertilizer and weed control, these insect problems will be mitigated.

Green Grounds lawn care will reduce the number of mosquitoes, fire ants and chiggers for our customers. That’s great news for your children and their outdoor playtime. We could all benefit from a reduction in harmful insects and a maintenance schedule of lawn fertilizer and weed control in McKinney TX. This action will help keep your property value escalating.

Our Customers Are Picky

Who else do we serve with McKinney lawn fertilizer and weed control besides the many local governments of Texas?

Here are some of our other customers:

  • NChurches
  • N9 hospitals
  • NUniversities
  • NMany schools in Texas
  • NCountless residents in Texas

Our customers, big and small, know the value of excellent lawn care done by licensed professionals. Our employees provide the highest level of customer service and attention to detail when it comes to your healthy, green grass. McKinney lawn fertilizer and weed control often includes the regular aeration of your soil so that nutrients get to the roots.

With our competitive pricing and no-pressure sales, you’ll receive the best possible value for years to come. We’re happy to be a part of your rising property value over time. Come to the experts for lawn fertilizer and weed control in McKinney TX and reap the many benefits. It’s one less thing on your to-do list!

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