Have you been looking for quality McKinney lawn fertilization services recently? Green Grounds has a reputation for making the lawns of our Texas customers healthy and beautiful!

There are many reasons to hire us and watch your lawn get healthier and greener. Some of our customers are mostly concerned about their property value. Others use our dependable lawn fertilization services in McKinney TX because their family wants to enjoy a safe, well-kept lawn.

What Do You Get with Our McKinney Lawn Fertilization Services?

Green Grounds offers a basic lawn package of six to seven visits per year for a lawn size of 5,000 square feet or less. Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for our lawn fertilization services in McKinney TX – specifically, the basic package:

1st visit: Weed prevention and greener, healthier grass.

2nd visit: High quality balanced fertilizer kick-starts your new, beautiful lawn.

3rd visit: High nitrogen fertilizer and grub control.

4th visit: High quality balanced fertilizer for lush grass and summer heat protection.

5th visit: Weed prevention going into fall and winter.

6th visit: Get those (stubborn) winter weeds under control!

Green Grounds provides highly effective McKinney lawn fertilization services and we have this down to a science. That’s why 20 different city governments are our customers! However, our customer base is predominantly composed of homeowners like yourself.

Child Safety And Your Immaculate Lawn

Many of our customers know that our lawn fertilization services in McKinney TX provide a safe lawn. Disease-carrying insects (including swarms of pesky mosquitoes) love an unkempt lawn. We’ll reduce the number of harmful insects, including chiggers and fire ants, that can bother children and other family members. Our McKinney lawn fertilization services are part of the whole process.

We also have glowing reviews for our work in maintaining your trees and shrubs. This can also be a safety issue for your home and your roof. Our lawn fertilization services in McKinney TX also enhance the property value of your home and its curb appeal. You’ll feel pleased with the results, as your lawn gets greener over time with meticulous care from our professionals.

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