A beautiful lawn attracts lots of compliments. Unfortunately, it can also attract all sorts of unwanted pests. Some, like mosquitoes, can prevent you from spending time in your lawn and spread diseases to you and your pets. Others can destroy your grass and plants.

That’s why you need a Frisco lawn pest control you can count on to keep pests away without chemicals that are harmful to people, animals and plants. You need the lawn care experts at Green Grounds.

Green Grounds is proud to provide lawn pest control in Frisco TX company trusted by homeowners as well as schools, universities, hospitals and churches throughout the area as well as 20 city governments that have chosen us to care for their outdoor spaces.

Providing Complete Insect and Pest Control

Our Frisco lawn pest control experts have extensive experience with the pests common to North Texas. These include:

  • NMosquitoes
  • NGrubs
  • NFleas and ticks
  • NBeetles
  • NChinch bugs
  • NFire ants
  • NFleas and ticks
  • NMosquitoes
  • NSnails and slugs

But don’t worry – If you’ve got a pest that’s not common to this area, our experts in lawn pest control in Frisco TX can handle that too!

We’re More Than a Frisco Lawn Pest Control Company

Lawn pest control in Frisco TX is just one service we provide. Green Grounds is widely known for our fertilization and weed control services.

We can provide periodic lawn treatments throughout the year designed especially for your lawn’s unique needs that keep pests, weeds lawn diseases at bay while providing everything you need for a healthy, thriving lawn regardless of what the weather brings.

All of our Frisco lawn pest control and other services are competitively priced. We also offer a 10% discount for annual payment plans.

When You Need Lawn Pest Control in Frisco TX, Call Us

Find out what we can do for you – at no cost or obligation. To schedule a free consultation and estimate or just to ask any questions you might have, call us at (972) 809-3186 or use the contact form on our website. One of our friendly, knowledgeable Green Grounds pros will be happy to help you. We look forward to being your trusted Frisco lawn pest control and care providers.