Green Grounds is ready to make your lawn beautiful again! There are good reasons for reliable Allen weed control services and there are great reasons. When you and your family enjoy dependable lawn maintenance, your children will have fewer mosquitoes and other potentially harmful insects around them. These insects sometimes transmit illnesses and they prefer overgrown, unkempt lawns.

The Best Weed Control Services in Allen TX

Many of our customers find us in one of two ways:

  • NOur numerous, glowing online reviews
  • NWord of mouth
That’s because we have exacting standards at Green Grounds. We have licensed professionals for our weed control services in Allen TX so you can “set it and forget it.” Our customers are very satisfied with the results:

A greener, manicured and healthier lawn for enhanced property value and a smile whenever you come home to admire it.

Any homeowner who has a lawn will benefit greatly from professional Allen weed control services. Some of our customers prefer to spend their time doing other things. Others find that when it’s time for weed control, it happens to fall at an inconvenient period of time.

Other Benefits from Green Grounds Lawn Care

We offer many services in addition to weed control services in Allen TX!

Here are some:

  • NFertilizing
  • NTree and shrub management for great curb appeal
  • NProper maintenance intervals (that we keep track of)
  • NAeration of the soil to grow grass greener and healthier
  • NHarmful insect control (insects bites sometimes cause illness)
Our trained technicians never give you any “upselling” pressure. That’s just one more reason our customers prefer our Allen weed control services. The goal is to provide the exact service you need and that’s it! Nothing more. We want your lawn(s) to look healthy and green for decades to come.

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Last, but not least, don’t forget to ask how you may receive a 10% discount on your healthier lawn when you utilize our services this year.

We look forward to making your experience as a homeowner more delightful with our reliable weed control services in Allen TX.