A green, attractive lawn starts with meticulous and reliable Allen lawn fertilization services. That’s where Green Grounds can help! We have 20 city governments and many schools, churches and hospitals as our clients. However, it’s mainly homeowners who enjoy our superior lawn fertilization services in Allen TX.

It’s Time to Beautify Your Lawn

Homeowners have many reasons for enjoying our dependable Allen lawn fertilization services. Here are some:

  1. Enjoy a safer lawn – fewer mosquitoes, chiggers, fire ants and harmful insects.
  2. Highly attractive tree and shrub maintenance.
  3. A greener, healthier lawn is satisfying.
  4. Your gorgeous lawn significantly raises your property value.
  5. Kids play with ease when a lawn is well tended to.
  6. Save time by allowing experts to come at the proper intervals.
  7. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

It’s time to beautify your lawn and let the experts set up the perfect schedule of visits (often six to seven per year). Our Allen lawn fertilization services will result in the lawn you’ve been dreaming about!

Green Grounds Has the Answers

Many of our customers think they have the time to deal with lawn care only to discover the sustained attention it requires. Often, it’s highly preferable to hire our licensed (and surprisingly affordable) professionals for your lawn fertilization services in Allen TX.

Our friendly Allen lawn fertilization services come with useful tips such as:

  • N1” of water for your lawn (per week) in June, July and August.
  • NDeep, infrequent watering is preferable to shallow watering.
  • NCut Bermuda at 1 ¾” or less & St. Augustine at 2 ½” or taller for health.
  • NMow the lawn frequently for good health.
We love seeing customers appreciate our lawn fertilization services in Allen TX. It makes being a homeowner so satisfying. And, of course, it’s always enjoyable to watch children play in a safe, unobstructed environment.

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If you’re ready for a vibrant lawn that impresses all the folks that see it, Green Grounds is here for you.

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