Guidance For A Better Lawn

  • Water at least 1” per week during June, July, and August
  •  Deep, infrequent watering is always better than shallow irrigating
  •  Always water in pre-emergent with .5” during the first week to ensure it is activated
  • Remember to cut Bermuda at 1 3/4” or less & St. Augustine at 2 1/2” or taller to keep it healthy
  •  Stay off the grass until it is dry
  •  Always keep pets off for 2 hours or more after treatments
  •  Frequent mowings are the best way to have a healthy lawn
  •  Try to sharpen blades at least once a year
  •  Never leave iron on concrete for more than an hour or it can stain
  • This may save you the most money-Try to never use a fertilizer spreader near a swimming pool-certain fertilizers stain the bottom of pools
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