Ash trees

If you or someone you know has Ash trees you need to be aware that they have a new pest. The worst pest you can imagine. The Emerald Ash Borer has migrated down from the mid-west and is beginning to destroy all Ash trees in their path. There is a way to control these insects but you must be proactive.Read More
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In between pre-emergent applications you sometimes get a few broadleaf weeds. If you are reading the labels you may realize you need to use a different solution so you don’t apply more than legal in a given time period. Which is usually a year’s time. I use Triclopyr most of the time for a different formula. It is expensive but well worth it.Read More
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Bed pre-emergents

Some think this is a good time to apply bed pre-emergent. With most of your lawn tasks taken care of, it is often overlooked. The main homeowner product is Preen witch does a great job on grassy weeds. We use Quali-Pro T/I witch has the same active ingredient plus Isoxaben for broadleaf weed control. These products are made to use in beds around shrubs and groundcovers, places that are hard to keep clean.  Put out atRead More
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