Bed pre-emergents

Some think this is a good time to apply bed pre-emergent. With most of your lawn tasks taken care of, it is often overlooked. The main homeowner product is Preen witch does a great job on grassy weeds. We use Quali-Pro T/I witch has the same active ingredient plus Isoxaben for broadleaf weed control. These products are made to use in beds around shrubs and groundcovers, places that are hard to keep clean.  Put out at the proper rate these can control weeds for up to 120 days and through the main weed germinating periods. Using things like Preen and Snapshot gives you time to work on other tasks because you won’t be pulling weeds. You can Preen at your local nursery or at the box centers. Just try to use it within a year or two so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.                                                                                                           Always wear gloves and a mask when applying these products just to play it safe. Be sure to wash off everything when you finish.Bed pre-emergents need to be watered in to become activated and begin to do their job. Working for a huge landscape company with 10’s of acres of beds to keep clean I learned the importance of these products. 

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